25th December, the day which is known for the charity and helping each other was celebrated by Manvika Foundation with some very very special children who are looked after under the shadow of Koshish NGO located in Sonipat.  After being disabled these children are able enough to give you love without any selfishness as they don't know what able one knows. In the name of Christ, Give love Find love.

2… Certificate of Completion

These photos were taken at Manvika Stitching Centre (RZ/E-270, Nihal Vihar) on 23 of June, 2015. On this day, we all gathered to present a Certificate of Completion of Stitching Course to all those who completed it. That was our first step towards our Initiate of women empowerment.

3…. Increasing Women Empowerment

Manvika Foundation for Women Empowerment boost opened its first stitching centre in Nihal Vihar. We all know of the Women Empowerment, it has been the subject of much discussion.  The foundation with the help of this centre enables women to choose their own career in the stitching field.  “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation

4…Reducing Theft Possibilities.

Transport Federation of India and Manvika Foundation had meeting in the SGTN, about increasing theft in the area. We and police officials discussed the matter carefully and tried to find out possible ways to reduce these activities.  Our volunteers and some workers told us about the increasing theft. So, we thought to tackle this


5…..Meeting of Manvika with transport fedaration

Transport federation and Manvika foundation had a meeting, both collectively came-up to the decision to have an office for NGO in SGTN where they are making efforts to let drivers aware about their health and environment up gradation. So, it is the responsibility of transport nagar to take an active part in this initiation. Meanwhile they have decided to take a membership of Manvika foundation


6….AIDS Awareness & BLOOD Donation Camp.

A camp had been jointly organized by Manvika Foundation, Total Oil India Pvt Ltd. and Ganganagar Automobiles at SGTN, which includes street play & some games about safety and awareness. Our main objective is to make people (mainly consist illiterates Truck Drivers) aware about AIDS (Causes & Protection) and let them know that BLOOD donation does not lead any deficiency in human body (infect we can save one’s life by donating BLOOD). A Street play was also organized in order to make people more aware about BLOOD donation. A team of the Doctor’s and the bus was provided by DDU hospital in order to take BLOOD from all those who wish to donate voluntarily & we successfully received 75 units of BLOOD. Members of the Manvika Foundation had also donated the BLOOD (which can be seen from the pictures below)


7…. Distribution of Certificates among trainees at Manvika Centre.

In this Program Certificates were distributed among those who participated in the Beauty Course conducted by Manvika Foundation


8…Celebration of all new Way.

Manvika Foundation celebrated the Dewali with the poor and needy people by giving them blankets etc.


9….celebration of karva chauth event

It gives me immense pleasure to say that MANVIKA FOUNDATION has achieved its first milestone. For woman empowerment, manvika foundation started a centre in which girls are trained with beautician, soft skill and mehndi course. On this event of karva chauth , girls had done the fantastic job and celebrated karva chauth with their talent as you can seen. Girls have earned some money and confidence by their talent,Manvika Foundation has given them just an opportunity and support.


10…Driver Day

Manvika Foundation with Mahindra Truck Indraprastha Automobile has successfully celebrated the Driver Day supported by AHF EHSAS through Health Camp, Nukkad Natak,Free Medicine,AIDS Awareness.

11….Motivational Event

Manvika Foundation participated in a motivational event organized by Mahindra Truck for the scholar students. A Scholarship has been given to the students and motivates them to do well in their life


12…celebration of vocational programme completion.

Manvika foundation has celebrated the day of vocational training completion of it's students on 09.09.2014.


13….Free Health Camp at SGTN

Manvika Foundation with Mahindra Truck has conducted a free health camp on 23.08.2014 at Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar. In this camp many activities were involved like : healt checkup, shugar testing, B P Check, HIV awareness through game show and free medicine for drivers and owners.

14…cricket match.

Manvika foundation was invited to motivate the little talent in a cricket match under the tournament organized by Harry cricket academy.with the presence of Mr. Paali the president and T.V. actor Shahnwaz (savdhan india) ,Manvika Foundation motivated the little players for their bright future.


15…Celebration of Independence Day


Manvika Foundation has celebrated Independence Day with children.................... You can feel the happiness on their faces...

16…Study material support for poor children

Manvika Foundation has taken an initiative to help all the poor kids in their educational needs and support . In this journey manvika Foundation has distributed books,Pen, pencil,Geometry Box and Copies among the poor children and earned some happiness with their smile. ......Please join Manvika Foundation and give your support to make world happy.

17.. Manvika Foundation organized a health camp in Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar with Pidilite and Traders Welfare Association on 18th June 2014.

19.. Now..................... Feel the happiness on their faces... it's give us an immense pleasure to say that Manvika Foundation become an organization that can create magic to spread happiness around everywhere..... Because Manvika Foundation has come in action as you can see......... Please come with us and be a part of the great journey started by Manvika Foundation...............We need your support.

20.. Manvika foundation celebrated the Trucker's Utsav at Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar. This program was organized by Manvika Foundation and Khushi Clinic for Drivers and Mechanics about the awareness on traffic rules, safety and health...

21...Manvika foundation celebrated Republic Day (26 January, 2016) with the slum children at sector 25, Rohini. After watching their performance we came to realize that these children were amazing and so talented. Some children performed on patriotic songs and some gave speech on patriotism. We gave them stationary and our blessings.


What do you think about us?